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    A resident of Virginia Beach, Robert Anthony Nolan has successfully designed and built the world’s first and only flying car that is road-able, extreme off-road capable, and certified by the FAA to fly day/night VFR and IFR. The vehicle has also been cited by the FAA as one of the safest air vehicles the organization ever certified. Robert Anthony Nolan devoted 14 years developing the vehicle and holds several patents from the United States Patent Office covering its design. Since Nolan was both the sole test driver and test pilot during the 14 years he also made 12 trips to the hospital, the worst incident of which was the result of a FAA certified mechanic performing regularly scheduled maintenance negligently, as Robert was overflying a city, without warning the engine violently seized, Nolan gained control of the aircraft and as he was gliding down to a safe landing on a street a man, woman, child and dog walked into the road where he was landing, saw the aircraft and froze. If he continued to land he would have severely injured or killed the family. With only a few seconds to respond, Nolan turned to the left where he saw a large oak tree and purposely flew himself into the tree to avoid injuring anyone. The aircraft was destroyed and Nolan broke his back in three places.

    Albeit Robert Anthony Nolan has only a 6th grade education due to growing up in the jungle of the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua, Robert Nolan was requested by the University of Maryland on where and how to construct a flight training area on campus and oversaw the construction of a runway to be used for both parafoils and unmanned aerial vehicles. Nolan is recognized as an expert in the field of aviation and powered parafoils, In addition, he wrote an associate degree parafoil program for the university’s air department. Also in recognition of his professional accomplishments, Mr. Nolan was named first runner up as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the state of Virginia in 2000. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving, flying fixed wing aircraft as well as parachutes, horseback riding, motorcycling, snow and water skiing and dog rescue.

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    Tidewater Community College

    Jan 1973 - Jan 1975

    Elementary School, 6th grade

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